Our Newest Training Program!

Your dog comes to our day care all week and learns specific commands while here and then on Saturday, you will be trained on how to keep this training up and further progress it.

Day Train - Round 1
(Leash and Sit)
$200 for Day Care and Training

Day Train - Round 2
(Stay and Come)
$200 for Day Care and Training

Day Train - Round 3
(Off leash, Distracted Come, Initial Heal)
$300 for Day Care and Training

KEEP IN MIND - Day Care helps with problem behaviors like Jumping, Barking, and Socialization too! What an astonishing deal!

Day Train Camp

Command Camp

Training just got easier! This hands-free method is for over worked and busy owners, or just simply going on vacation and want a "new" or better dog with boarding. We go over obedience (No jumping, barking, sit, stay, come, walk on a leash and OFF leash training available). You get to come and check on progress after a week and truly see the difference our dog trainers make at Tail Command. At the end of the two weeks, we deliver the dog to your home and go over each routine and technique thoroughly, so the dog doesn't forget and you get the best dog on the block! Call us today to reserve your Command Camp spot!