Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tail Command?

Tail Command, located in Springfield, is a one stop shop of fun, adventure, and doggie heaven! We offer services ranging from Boarding, Grooming, Training, and of course our now famous Dog Day Care program. Most dogs refer to it as "Doggie Playland". We also offer pet retail for dog food, dog treats, dog toys, and much more! Come in and meet our staff that is happy to meet you and your pet! 

Why Choose Tail Command over all others?

We are simply the best! Just ask all our other clients and their owners. Ok, so dogs can't speak human, but if they could they'd tell you that we aren't like traditional kennels and dog day care programs. We offer 100% exercise time, most dog day cares/boarding facilities only offer 15 minutes - 60 minutes, if any at all! We highly recommend you check into that. Our program is supervised from 6am-630pm allowing all dogs to be out playing and utilizing our 7,000 sq/ft area climate controlled and 16,000 outdoor area to their advantage.  It's more important to realize that the dog's interaction is far more important than the amenities that go into it.

What are the vaccines/requirements for Boarding and Dog Day Care?

We do require that all dogs above the age of 6 months old be spayed/neutered (Help keeps aggression and fights away). We also require the following vaccinations to help ensure that our facility stays clean, safe, and healthy; Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies, Distemper-Parvo. (We do highly recommendCanine Flu Vaccination as well). 

How does my furry family join?

Come in and visit us, fill out the Pet Registration Form, Service Agreement Form, and bring in an up to date Vaccination Record. This will get you to the next round, which is just a Temperament Test. That usually only takes 10-15 minutes initially and then 4 hours after that.It's just to ensure that your buddy is going to be our buddy and fit well within our family pack!

My pet has special needs, can he/she still come?

Please call us today and we can more than likely take care of any special circumstances or medications that your pet needs.

What is Open-Based and Kennel Free mean?

Our Open-Based program is where all the dogs are together, not separated. We acknowledge that some Day Care Centers do things different, we like to adjust our attendees to dogs of all sizes. We definitely know, size doesn't matterWe have a trained staff dedicated to ensure that all the dogs get along or join the pack at the correct speed. This Open-Based program allows your dog the chance to get over fear of small or big dogs. It doesn't mean your dog will get eaten by a big dog either! See next question for more info. Kennel Free means that the dogs aren't being kept in an 8ft run where they can only eat, go to the bathroom, and maybe have enough room to chew on something. We believe in the open-based philosophy and that all dogs like room and places to roam.

How do you keep all the dogs to get along? Isn't their fighting/injuries?

A question we get often, but NEVER get tired of answering. Our Family-Pack mentality keeps our pack under control and allows us to have Big and Little dogs together without harm. The best way to think about it is that there are families out there that have 3 little dogs and 1 big dog. They all get along. Same goes for our program here. our little dogs love our big dogs and if they don't we can help them walk through it and train them to be accepting and not fearful. For you and your dog, this is a win-win, we encourage a well-balanced dog, not a dog that still barks crazily and gets too excited for big or small dogs. Most dogs use their nose to distinguish their energy levels of play and rough house, the good news is it only takes 3-5 seconds to figure out who will be a great playmate here! If a fight/injury does occur, we have a trained staff to help avoid, diffuse, and remedy almost all situations. If it's a nick or cut, we will clean it and send them back on their way. If it's more threatening and may warrant a vet visit, we will call you before. If it's an emergency, we will do what any good dog owner would do, take them immediately. We treat all dogs as if they were our own!