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Dog Day Care

NOW OPEN - SMALL DOG AREA! Secluded environment for your small dogs! Monday through Friday!

Doggie Day Care is one of the best forms of socialization, training, and exercising dogs. Think of it as an all in one deal. We help curb behaviors such as sitting, barking excessively, and other bad habits. We definitely exercise your dog while it's staying here throughout the day. With over 12 hours of play time, trust us when we say your dog is going to go home one tired pup! Socialization is becoming a big factor to dog ownership. It's the idea of having a dog that can be around other people, dogs, and situations that involve both without worrying about barking, biting, and fighting. We help with that tremendously through our Open-Based Day Care Camp. We have over 6,000 sq/ft of climate controlled inside and artificial turf outside. Plenty of durable guaranteed toys and of course our trained and caring staff to ensure proper behavior and corrections to keep the dogs environment safe, clean, and fun! Call us today to learn more and why we are exceptional Dog Day Care!

"Tail Command is awesome! Our pup enjoys socialization and play time, while we enjoy knowing he's in the hands of knowledgeable and caring staff! Great place!"

-Stacy Neece

"My puppy's name is Roxie and she has been going to Tail Command since late October 2013. She goes 2xs a week and she absolutely loves it. She follows me around every morning hoping that it is doggie day care day...​Gabby and Ian are great with the dogs and I am glad I have a place to take Roxie during the day where she is safe and having a great time."
-Karen Manson

"My puppy loves to go play. We have to be careful what we say. If he hears daycare is sits by the front door ready to go."

-Thanks, The Beaman Family

 After the first day of being at Tail Command, Buddy was a changed dog! He literally passes out for the rest of the evening after leaving the day care. I don't have a problem with him chewing on things, walks are so much more enjoyable now and he's not so hyper! Tail Command is amazing and I'm so happy that Buddy is able to play outside all day and make new friends! Thanks Tail Command! :)

-Kylah D.