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"We picked up Sydney and Zoey from Tail Command after a long 9 days of being away from them and they smelled so good! I can tell they had a great vacation too because they are exhausted! Thank you Ian and Gabby for taking such great care of our girls! They LOVE Doggy Day Care and so do we!!"

-Dawna Adams

"I had never been able to take / leave my shepherd anywhere and now she LOVES her visits to Tail Command and all her friends there! Check them out, you will be so happy you did and your FURever friend will be glad you did also."
-Patti Wheeler


Customer Reviews

If you are going on vacation, why shouldn't your pet? Feel guilty no more! Free-Range/Roam is now an option for you and your pet! Let's just say from 6am to 6pm your dog is assured 7,000 sq/ft of inside climate controlled, supervised social playtime with our day care dogs and trained staff. This also means they get the 6,000 sq/ft yard play! Yes, we have a dog door that allows ALL of our dogs inside and out. No more 8 ft. kennel. No more kennel dog smell. Say No to the crate! More importantly, the guilt is gone about leaving your dog in "prison" or confinement for days on end.  Your dog will be exercised daily, ALL DAY, not just for a few minutes. Our pack leaders are ready to take on new dogs weekly and help the oldest of dogs enjoy their days ahead of them. We know that it's not just an environment that completes a stay while your away, but that it takes a whole bunch of interaction to keep your puppy, dog, or old man smiling, enjoying, and trying not to miss you. We know they do, that's why we've planned on adding web cams to select stalls in the near future. Stay tuned! If you have any questions, please call or email us and we will be ready to answer any and all your questions.

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